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Desc S.S. Saxon

His name could be Sanford Samuel or Samuel Sanford since in every case where we find he has given his name, he has written “S.S. Saxon”.

Desc W. A. Langston

The bulk of this lineage information on the Langston & Lyons families came from my cousin’s wife, Vickie Cross who received it from Max & Juanell Langston’s daughter, LaVerne, and from Jack Langston, grandson of Wm A “Pat” Langston and Nettie Wilkinson . Jack has been the contributor of the Kirby train and saw mill information and photos.

Desc Wm Ratliff

The Ratliff’s had strange notions about naming their children. Whereas most families would carry on with family names, the Ratliff’s would name their children after people they admired.

Expert MC Racing

The 5 numbers listed under my dad’s 82m were the top riders from CA. # 98 Joe Leonard, Top rider in the country for several years. # 54 Al Gunter, he won several national races.

Hardin County Texas

Hardin County Texas. Divorce records for William Stephen Cross & Dorah Angelina Rodgers, and their son Henry Steven Cross & 2 wives: 1) Elizabeth Semanty Stanley and 2) Effy/Effie Holst. Henry S. & Lizzie are the parents of Emma Lou Cross Goss.

Hardin, Jolly, Joplin, Perrin

There is so much information on the web about the HARDIN surname and ancestry that I decided to focus on the Holtzclaw side and just include some links to sites I felt covered my HARDIN line already.