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Cross Photos

Photos supplied by Vickie Cross and Janice Marshall unless otherwise stated

From left to right, back of General Monroe & Carrie Edna Hobbs Cross:

Emmett Herman Cross, Edna Lucille Cross Gibbs, Ruth Maryland Cross Chesson, Seawillow Rosetta Cross Roundtree, Mary Bernice Cross Croom, Gordon Monroe Cross, Hiram Shelton Cross

webassets/img36.gif At this time, we can not figure out if William Franklin Cross belongs in our Cross lines or not. - Sherry

William Frankin Cross of Montgomery Co, TX

“Just wanted you to know that Wm Franklin Cross is my grandfather. He was born in Falls County, Texas, on March 3, 1882, married Mary Ada Ellison and lived in Robertson County until his death December 6, 1936. Will “Bud” and Mary had nine children, one is my mother Francis. I am currently trying to find out about his parents - we know very little about my grandfather other than he had a sister Sallie Cross who married Thomas L. (Tate) Marlin. Sallie and Will were orphaned when young and were raised by relatives. Will lived with Sallie after her marriage until he was 18 yrs old…..We’re working frantically to find out as much as possible for one of the 3 remaining children of William, my Uncle Melton, who is terminally ill with cancer. There were 9 kids total – Uncle Melton, Aunt Jerry and my mother are the only surviving children."- Barbara Woodside simplerxes@yahoo.com , Colorado Springs, CO If anyone has more information concerning William Franklin Cross, please contact Barb! She will be sending me her information and I will post it as soon as I can. – Sherry