Texas History Hunter


Texas History Hunter

Hello! I am so glad you are visiting my site. My desire is to connect with lost relatives and to provide a central location for the history I have collected and continue to collect.

I am a 4th Generation Texan. I LOVE TEXAS! My ancestors came from many southern states (a few came from the north but I forgive them, smile) and from England, France, Germany, Ireland and Scotland. I also have Cherokee and Creek ancestory.

Some of the surnames in my lines and related lines are:

Adams, Barr, Bell, Blakely, Briant, Butcher, Cain, Collinsworth/ Collingsworth, Coons, Craig, Cross, Dover, duSachoy, Duty, Evelman, Gardener, George, Hankins, Hardewyn, Hardin, Henry, Hogue, Holtzclaw, Ireland, Jolly, Jones, Joplin, Kilgore, Langston, Lawson, Lyon/s, Marr, Noeller, Orendorff, Pate, Peebles, Perrin,

Pettypool/P’Pool, Pool/e, Purvis, Ratliff, Rhodes, Rodgers/Rogers, Rossignol, Routen, Runnels, Saxon, Springate, Toliver/Tolliver, Turner, Weatherford, West, Wier, Wilkinson / Wilkerson, Wooten

My earliest, provable Texas ancestors arrived ca.1855. My father’s ancestors settled in what is now Hardin, Jefferson, Nacogdoches, Polk and Tyler Counties. I find my mother’s ancestors are located in Bastrop, Collin, Hardeman, Somervell, Tarrant and Williamson Counties.

Please check back often as I update this site daily!

As time permits, I also conduct research for others for a reasonable donation. Please send an email explaining how I can help you.