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Wooten, Craig, Henry of  Oconee County,  South  Carolina

This is the family of my former husband, Jimmy Wooten. Our daughter, now 30 is searching for her heritage. I have heard that the HENRYs were Cherokee and lived on the reservation in SC or maybe NC. I can't actually recall.

I know that Irene Henry had a brother, John Henry, who married John Wesley "Wes" Wooten's half-sister, Gloria Galloway.  These are the parents of John Freeman Henry. I knew John and he was out in the lake with Jimmy the day he drowned. Jimmy tried to save him but he couldn't.

Jimmy, Johnny and Dinky were out in the middle of the lake in a boat.  Johnny became disoriented and wanted off the boat. Not realizing he was in the middle of the lake, Johnny stood up to get off, Jimmy tried to get him to sit down and the boat capsized. Johnny panicked and Jimmy was trying to pull him to the boat but Johnny was fighting him, eventually sinking, taking Jimmy with him. Johnny had a death grip on Jimmy's belt buckle, so Jimmy had to unbuckle the belt or be pulled down too. Jimmy always believed he should have been able to save Johnny but in truth, he could not save a panicky person, fighting him. No one could have. Not even a professional rescuer.  It was a terrible accident...preventable by their not being in the boat, in the lake, in the first place but an accident nonetheless.

When Jimmy and I were first married, we stayed a week with his grandparents, Charlie & Rosa Craig Galloway in Walhalla, SC.  Jimmy's great grandmother was still living at that time. She spent most of her time in bed.  The house had no electricity, no indoor plumbing and they heated with a wood burning stove in the living room. There was only a rocking chair for sitting near the warmth of the stove. The walls were covered with torn apart cardboard boxes for insulation and there wasn't a coat of paint, inside or out.

While we were there, a thunderstorm came and I loved hearing the rain on the tin roof. We had quilts to sleep under and kerosene lamps to light the room. One night I had to go to the outhouse out back..it was so dark I couldn't see my hand in front of my face! I went back to get a flashlight but there wasn't one so I had to take a kerosene lamp. I did not like that.

Jimmy's step-grandfather, Charlie Galloway,  had been a constable and his grandmother,
*Rosa Lee Angeline Lulabell Craig,  had been a mid-wife. She told me she had delivered over 500 babies during her life-time.  

What I have so far. Thanks to Sandra Prince and Kurt Wootan (Wooten DNA project)

Josh Wooten/Woottan
 + Lanzudder "Tootsie" ___
         Posey Wooten, b. 1854 Clayton,Rabun Co.,GA; d. Feb 28, 1928, Rabun, Co GA
             + Julia Ann Cantrell, b. abt 1855 GA
                     Samuel Wooten, b. abt 1882, GA
                     Edward/Edgar "Ed" Elisha Wootten, b. abt 1893, Clayton, Rabun, GA; d. ?
                        + Rosa Lee Angeline Lulabell. Craig, b. Aug 11, 1907, Clayton, Rabun Co, GA; d. Jan 9, 1985, Walhalla, Oconee Co., SC
                                Samuel Edward Wooten, b. Sept, 21, 1933,  Raybun Co, GA; d.Jan 20, 2005, Hendersonville, Henderson Co, NC;  buried Fairhaven Baptist Church Cem.
                                    +Mettle Lee Flynn
                                           Living Daughter
                                           Living Daughter
                                           Living Son
                                Edward Elisha Wooten, b. Mar. 22, 1928, Clayton, Rabun, GA ; d. Nov 15, 1983, Henderson, NC;
                                    + Mildred Barnes
                                           Living Daughter
                                           Living Daughter
                                           Living Daughter
                                           Living Daughter
                                           Living Daughter
                                           Living Daughter
                                John Wesley Wooten, b. May 18, 1930; d. Dec 1, 1990, SC.
                                    + Velma Irene Henry, b: Apr 6, 1937 Highlands, Macon Co.,NC; d: July 14,1972 Oconee Co., SC
                     Robert Wooten, b. abt 1893, GA
                     Monia H. Wooten, 1898 - 1947, Clayton, Rabun Co., GA
                        + Henry Ramey, B. May 2, 1890

Charley Montague Henry, b: Jun 15, 1894,  Macon Co., NC; d: Jun. 11, 1972, Franklin, Macon Co., NC; buried Ellijay Missionary Baptist Cemetery , Macon Co., NC NC Department of Health. North Carolina Deaths, 1970-74; Certificate: 22A107
  +  1. Lexie B. Ammons, b: 1906 d.1933
              1. Frank Henry, 1924-1996
              2. David Henry, b: Mar. 18, 1931,NC; d: Nov. 16, 1950, Ellijay, Macon Co., NC
  +  2. Britanna "Brittie"  Webb, b: May 25, 1893, Macon Co., NC; d. Dec 1, 1999, Macon Co., NC;  m: Jan 28,1920 Macon Co. NC. (d/o Ben Webb & Ruth McCall)
             1. Roosevelt H Henry, b. abt 1923
             2. Annie Mae Henry, b. July 14, 1924, Highlands, Macon Co., NC;  
                   +  Thaniel Hensley
                           Charles Hensley 
             3. Fairder Henry, b. abt 1926
             4.  Velma Irene Henry b: Apr 6, 1937 Highlands, Macon Co.,NC, d: July 14,1972 Oconee Co., SC (Irene had a daughter before marrying Wes, her name was Rose or Rosetta, and was raised by Brittie, her mother.)
                      + John Wesley "Wes" Wooten, b: May 18,1930; d: Dec. 1, 1990
                                James Wesley "Jimmy" Wooten, b. Nov 19, 1955, Oconee Co., SC; d. Apr 5, 2011, Candler, Buncombe Co, NC; cremated/no headstone
                                    + Sherry
                                    + Sarah Katherine "Kathy" Vesser, b. June 2, 1953, Jefferson City, Jefferson Co. TN; d. May 10, 2012,  Ashville, NC (CarePartners Hospic and Palliative Care John F. Keever, Jr. Solace Center ) ; cremated/no headstone
                                            Jamie Wreath Wooten, b. Oct 2, 1982 Oconee Co., SC; d. Oct 2, 1982, Oconee Co, SC;  burial unknown
                                 Douglas "Dink" Wooten
                                 Bartow Wooten, died at 18 months of age
                                 Gail Wooten
                                 Tony Lee Wooten, b. Sept 30, 1963, Henderson Co., NC; d. Sept 12, 2003, SC
                                 Terry Dale Wooten  (1966-1993)
                                 Jackie Wooten
                                 Gary Wooten
                                 Jerry Wooten
                                 Charlie Wooten
             5. Charlie T. Henry  (could this be "Uncle Tinny" Jimmy spoke of?)
             6. Roy A. Henry
             7. Bessie I. Henry, b.  (m. Carl Lee  Zachary)
             8. Ruth Henry (m. Beck)

John Wesley Wooten - Army

Submitted by Sandra Wooten Prince, NC

John Wesley Wooten, June 1957 (27 yrs)

Submitted by Sandra Wooten Prince, NC

Rosie Wooten Craig, Charlie Galloway - late 1970s
Submitted by Sandra Wooten Prince, NC
Mother and step-father of John W. Wooten



Tony Lee Wooten 1963-2003

Terry Dale Wooten 1966-1993

James Wesley "Jimmy" Wooten, Seneca, S.Car.-1975

I was about 3 months preg. with Jessie when this photo was taken.

Obit for Irene Henry Wooten

Man Charged With Murder

Jacob & Carrie Henry w/son, Charley
1900 Census Records
Ellijay Community, NC 1900 Census

Benjamin Webb, & wife Ruth McCall Webb
1900 Census Records
Highlands Twnsp, Macon, NC 1900 Census (A)

Showing the children of Ben & Ruth Webb
1900 Census Records
Highlands Twnsp, Macon, NC 1900 Census (B)

Enter content here

Posey Wooten 1910, Clayton, Rabun Co. GA.

Posey Wooten, 1920, Clayton, Rabun Co. GA

Edward w/ Rosa Craig Wooten- 1930 Rabun Co., GA

Charlie F. Galloway, Feb. 1, 1905 to Apr. 24, 1983
Submitted by Sandra Wooten Prince, NC

Rosa Craig Wooten Galloway
Submitted by Sandra Wooten Prince, NC
Aug. 11, 1907 to Jan. 9, 1985

North Carolina Death Collection, 1908-2004
Name:   Brittie Ann Henry
Gender:   Female
Race:   White
Marital Status:   Widowed
Social Security Number:   242806417
Father's Last Name:   Webb
Age:   106 Years
Date of Birth:   25 May 1893
Birth County:   Macon
Birth State:    North Carolina
Residence County:    Macon
Residence State:    North Carolina
Residence Zip    Code: 28741
Education:    3rd grade
Date of Death:    1 Dec 1999
Death County:    Macon
Death State:    North Carolina
Autopsy:    Autopsy Not Performed
Autopsy Findings:    Autopsy findings were not considered in determining cause of death
Institution:    Nursing Home
Attendant:    Physician
Burial Location:    Burial in-state
Recorded Date:    9 Dec 1999
Source Vendor:    North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics

Obit: Jimmy Wooten, 1955-2011
Jimmy Wooten Obit

Jimmy and wife Kathi. Dec 1991

(Sarah Katherine Vesser)

WOOTEN, Irene H., b. 6-apr-1937, d. 14-jul-1972 
WOOTEN, John Wesley, b. 18-may-1930, d. 1-dec-1990
WOOTEN, Terry Dale, b. 1966, d. 1993
HENRY, Eleise King, b.9-dec-1901, d.7-feb-1994, p. sylvester blakley & may bearden king, h. john henry
C63, WOOTEN, Claude Monroe, b.1915C, d.31-jan-1988, p. edgar & emma cheatham wooten, w. lessie treadaway wooten
C7, WOOTEN, Fred, b. 1896, d.1897, p. t.l. & n.a. wooten
C7, WOOTEN, James E., b.9-feb-1893, d.3-dec-1954
C7, WOOTEN, Nannie A., b.7-may-1866, d.1-apr-1956, double marker with thomas l. wooten
C7, WOOTEN, Thomas L., b. 22-may-1865, d. 27-feb-1946, double marker with nannie a. wooten
C7, WOOTEN, Ruby Mae, b.12-may-1900, d.8-june-1913,p. mr. & mrs. t.l. wooten
C7, WOOTEN, Sarah, b.24-dec-1852, d.20-feb-1933
C10, WOOTEN, Annie L., d. 9-dec-1900, a. 60y, p. amos wooten

C32, WOOTEN, Irene H., b.1937, d.1972
C32, WOOTEN, John Wesley, b.1930C, d.1-dec-1990, p. ed & rosa craig wooten, w. irene henry wooten
C32, WOOTEN, Terry Dale, b.1967C, d.12-feb-1993, p. john wesley & irene henry wooten

C91, WOOTEN, Julia, b.17-may-1871, d. 15-dec-1896, h. g.m. wooten w. doris white gibson wilson, step mother: velma james wilson

C104, WOOTEN, Ted W., Jr., b.17-sept-1963, d. 32-oct-1963, p ted w. & june l. wooten


Note: HENRY, John Freeman, b. 17 Feb 1955; d. 4 Jun 1975  ( he is the son of Gloria Galloway and John Henry & the nephew of John & Irene Henry Wooten.  John drowned near Wahalla, Oconee Co., SC. )

Charley Galloway and Josephine Underwood- Wedding 1923
Photo contributed by Barbara Underwood Bright

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