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Desc S.S. Saxon


His name could be Sanford Samuel or Samuel Sanford since in every case where we find he has given his name, he has written "S.S. Saxon".


From other family members, it is thought that the Rev. Saxon and wife Maranza may have died near LaGrange, Fayette Co, TX from Small Pox.  I have not found anything to verify or dispute this.

Family lore states that Samuel Sanford Saxon's father, first name unknown, came from Ireland, date unknown. He was a minister and preached to the native tribes, probably in GA, maybe other states such as FL or the Carolinas. 

Supposedly, he married a full-blood but the tribe she came from is not known, when is not known and this is all that we have concerning any connection to Native American bloodlines via the SAXON surname.

Their son Samuel Lewis, was the only child to spell the family name as "Sexton", instead of "Saxon". The reason is not known, however it is believed that perhaps it is how the Hunt family thought it was spelled.

 SANFORD SAMUEL SAXON, Baptist Minister, b. abt 1825 GA, d. abt 1873 Fayette Co.,TX
(1) m Dec 27, 1846,  Susan Guess  (see Island Ford Baptist Church records, near Sugar Hill, Gwinnett Co., Georgia)
William Thomas Saxon, b. Nov 19,1847, Gwinnett Co GA; d. Apr 20, 1926,  Milton, Fulton Co., GA;
            +  Sarah Arminda Langston,   (in the 1900 census, she states she had 9 children but only 6 living)
                    Ester L. Saxon, b 1872
                    Berry Powell Saxon, b 1874
                    Edward A. Saxon, b 1876
                    Amanda J. Saxon, b. 1879
                    A. E. Saxon, b. 1879
                    Alma Lou Saxon, b. Apr 1880
                    Emma S. J.  Saxon, b. Apr 1880
                    Bertie O. Saxon, b. Aug 1885      
      2. James b. 1849
      3. Elizabeth b. 1854 
           +Sam Smith, the ferry keeper in the article below. 
      4. Robert b. 1857 (lived with Elizabeth & Sam for a time)

(2) m % Maranza Anna Adams on May 17, 1863, Butler Co., Ala.;  in 1860 (Samuel Saxon & her father,  Elijah Adams were working together on the railroad) d. abt 1873 Fayette Co., TX d/o Elijah Adams & Mary Lewis.
      5. Paratine (put with Stribling family) b. Aug 8, 1862, GA; d. Jun 9-11, 1946 Broken Arrow, Tulsa Co, OK (The Funeral Record is dated Jun 10, 1946)
Wm Henry Jones  b: Feb 16, 1862,  s/o Ezekiel Jones & Sarah E. ? AL; d: April 1925, AL; buried Flatrock Cemetery, Evergreen, Conecuh Co., Ala
           (children listed on the JONES page)

      6.  Edward A. Saxon b. 1865, d. 1875 TX 

      7. *Samuel Lewis Saxon/Sexton (put with Hunt family, Williamson Co. TX) b.  May 28, 1867 Ala. , d. Dec 24, 1941 of a brain hemmorage in Belton Bell Co., TX , m. Dec 24, 1891, Williamson Co TX [family photo below]
             + Lou Allie Kilgore (niece of Nancy Kilgore Collinsworth),  b July 14, 1870, KY; d. Feb 20, 1936, Belton, Bell Co., TX
                  1. Arzela Annie Sexton b. Oct 8, 1892, Liberty Hill, Williamson Co., TX;   m. 1908
                      + Louis Rodney Smythe,  (s/o  Ceylon Culver Smythe & Effie Catherine Curby), b. Jan 29, 1887 TX,; d. Oct 11, 1923, Palava, Fisher Co., TX, killed by lighting
                           1  Minnie Lou Smythe, b. Jun. 15, 1908; d. Nov. 9, 1912; buried Resthaven Cem., Belton, Bell Co. TX
                           2  Laverne "Lottie" Smythe, b Feb 14, 1910; d. Feb 12, 1914; buried Resthaven Cem, Belton, Bell Co., TX
                           3  Stella May Smythe, b Jan 16, 1912, d. Jan 17, 1912; buried Resthaven Cem., Belton, Bell Co., TX 
                           4  Larence Smythe (twin)
                           5  Ethel Smythe  (twin)
                           6  Ceylon Rodney Smythe, b. 1915, d. Oct 22, 1999 McCullough Co, TX
                           7  Jewel Smythe
                           8  Violet Emma Smythe
                                 + Herbert Wilburn Marler
                                     1 Mary Anne Marler, b. 1940
                                     2 Carol Violet Marler, b. 1942
                                         + Leonard David Henderson
                           9  Rosedawn Smythe
                 2. John Wesley Sexton b.  Sept 24,1894, Leander, Williamson Co.,  TX; d. 1918
                     + Nellie J. Burnett, b. abt 1898
                          1 Henrietta Sexton, b. Jan 5,1918, LA; d. Oct 6, 1985  San Antonio, Bexar, TX.
                              + John Frank Gibson
                                    1  Mary Jeanette Gibson, 1943
                                    2  John Burgess Gibson, 1944
                                    3  Jacqulyn Kay Gibson, 1946
                 3. Jessie Cromwell Sexton b 1897 TX  m. 1916
                      + Rebecca Madden b. 1897 TX
                           1 Alma Marie Sexton   b. 1917
                              + Robert Leroy Renfro
                                    1 Samuel Nathan Renfro b. Sept 15, 1942 Bell Co. TX
                                    2 Neoma Ruth Renfro b. Apr 21, 1944 Bell Co. TX
                                    3 Rebecca Ann Renfro b. Apr 9, 1945 Bell Co TX
                           2 Lorine Sexton  b 1919
                              +  Jesse Lee Cabaniss
                                     1 Jesse James Cabaniss b. Jan 15, 1941 Bell Co TX (Named after father's bro. James)
                           3 Samuel Newton Sexton  b 1922
                               + Laura Evelyn Strange
                                      1 Sammye Evelyn Sexton b. Mar 4, 1943 Bell Co TX
                                      2 David Louis Sexton b.  Sept 25, 1946 Bell Co .TX
                 4. Gracie Lou Sexton b. 1899 m 1915
                       + Robert Bell 
                           1 Iva Bell b1916
                           2 Ima Bell b 1919
                           3 Ruby Bell b 1922
                           4 Robert Lee Bell b 1924
                           5 Wanda Lillian b 1926
                 5.  Mary Emma  Sexton b. 1901 m 1917
                        + Eugene Peyton Smythe b. Feb. 1892 TX ; d. Apr 14, 1940, Belton, Bell Co., TX; (s/o Ceylon Culver Smythe & Effie Catherine Curby)
                          1  Lesley Smythe b 1918
                          2 Beulah Smythe b 1920
                          3 Callin Eugene Smythe b 1922
                          4 Euna Lona (Emma Leona?) Smythe b 1924
                          5 Wilbourn Culver Smythe, b. June 5, 1928 Belton, Bell Co. TX ; d. Feb 2, 1936, Temple, Bell Co,. TX in Kings Daughter Hospital; buried Salado Cem. Belton, Bell Co TX
                          6 Barbara Jean Smythe b. May 9, 1931 Bell Co. TX
                              + Calvin Stonewall Bruton b 1931
                                    1 Calvin Rance Lee Bruton b Mar 30, 1947 Bell Co TX
                                    2 Mary Jean Bruton, b. Oct 20, 1948 Bell Co TX
                        ?+ Jack T Elkins
                  6. Beulah Sexton b. 1903
                  7. Roxie Ettie Sexton b. 1905 m. 1921
                      +  Joe Scharnberg
                           1 Lester Scharnberg
See: "Scharenberg" Year: 1920;Census Place: Justice Precinct 7, Bell, Texas; Roll: T625_1776; Page: 14A; Enumeration District: 29; Image: 487.

                  8. Glen Luther Sexton b. 1908 m. 1933
                      + Margaret Donohoo
                  9. Hiram Sanford Sexton b. 1911   
 [Eugene P. Smythe -  Year: 1900; Census Place: Justice Precinct 8, Williamson, Texas; Roll: T623 1680; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 138. ]       
     8. Marietta Saxon (put with Cook family, Bastrop Co. TX) b. March 22, 1868, Ala; d.  Aug. 7, 1933, Killeen, Bell Co., TX;  m. Feb 9, 1893
         + Wm Henry Duty, (s/o Joseph Duty, **Louisa Turner), b. Apr 17, 1850 Travis Co, TX, d. May 2, 1915, Killeen, Bell Co., TX  ( Wm H Duty's bro., Milton T. Duty, is buried in the
Webberville Ebenezer Baptist Church / Duty Cemetery, Bastrop/Travis County, Texas )
                  1.   Hildred Milton Duty  b. Oct. 8, 1893, Webberville, Travis Co., TX; d. Oct 31, 1942, Buchanan Dam, Llano Co., TX  m. Oct 1917, Belton, Bell Co., TX 
                       +  Pearle Inez Madden, b. 1895, Gindale, Bell Co.TX, d. Feb 6, 1986 Belton, Bell, TX
                          1.  Marietta LaVerne Duty, b.Jul 21, 1918 Collin Co TX
                          2.  Hildred Milton DutyJr, b. Feb. 23, 1920, Bell Co TX, d. Jan 16, 2006, Paducah, Cottle Co TX ( buried  
Garden of Memories Cemetery)
                               + Gladys Marie McCloud, b. 1920 , d. May 6, 1989  Travis Co. TX                           
                                     1 Anita M. Duty, b. Oct 25, 1956 Lubbock Co., TX m. Jun 9, 1979 Travis Co., TX
                                        + Joe Earl Glass- Paige TX
                                                 Living Female, 1981, Lubbock Co., TX
                                                 Living Male, 1983, Lubbock Co.,TX
                                                 Living Male, 1995,  Travis Co., TX                                                 
                          3.  Della Lavinia  Duty, b. 1923
                                   +  Catas Adell Bridges, d. Aug 2, 1990 Bell Co., TX
                                            1  Larry Wayne Bridges, b. May 10, 1946, Bell Co., TX
                                            2  Betty Eileen Bridges, b. Feb. 11, 1949, Lubbock Co., TX
                                   + Robert Elmer McDaniel-Belton, Bell Co. TX; b. 1915;  m Aug 22, 1992  Bell Co., TX

                          4.  Zola Pearl  Duty, b. 1928
                               + William Chester Stae
                                      1 Cherie Janice Stae, b. Nov 15, 1949, Bell Co TX
                          5.  Forest Wayne Duty, b. Feb 11, 1930 Cottle Co TX; d. Apr 22, 1993, Lubbock, Lubbock Co., TX
1930; Census Place: Precinct 3, Cottle, Texas; Roll:
2311; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 6; Image: 1122.0.

                          6.   James  Robert Duty, b Aug 7, 1936, Bell Co TX                           
               2. Vivian Duty, b: Jan 16, 1895;  d: Jan 27, 1895                
               3.  Henry Grady Duty, b: Nov. 16, 1895, d. Aug. 8, 1981 Bell Co TX 
                    + Sarah Ann Bonner d. May 28, 1994 Bell Co TX
                           1 Dennis Gordon Duty, Oct 3, 1934 Bell Co. TX  d. Feb 19, 1985 Bell Co TX
              4.  Bonny Bell Duty  b. May 3, 1897, TC; d. : m: Sept 14, 1921. 
                   +  W.W. Madden
              5.  Annie Louisa Duty b. 1900, Bastrop TX, d. 1966, m. Apr 3, 1917 
              6.  Jesse Milam Duty  b. Jan. 1, 1903 Bastrop Co., TX d. Mar.  10, 1973  Belton, Bell Co., TX
                   + Mary Josephine Sanders d. Jan 11, 1988 Bell Co TX, Both buried in Live Oak Cem., Youngsport, Bell Co., TX
                           1  Lester Gayle Duty, born and died, 1934, Buried in the Live Oak Cemetery 
                           2  Beldon Brent Duty, b. Feb 13, 1938 Bell Co. TX
                           3  Roddie Kent Duty, b Apr 5, 1949 Bell Co. TX
              7.  Beulah Ellen Duty b. 1908
1910; Census Place: Justice Precinct 7, Bell, Texas; Roll: T624_1530; Page:10A;Enumeration District:24;Image:1033

       9.  ***Emma Jane Saxon, (put with Bastian family who lived at 1006 Chestnut, the home built by Edward Bastian, Bastrop Co. TX)  b. Oct. 7, 1870 Garland, Butler Co., Ala;  d. Jun. 11, 1947, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co TX, buried in the Rose Hill Mem Cem.;  m. Jan 15, 1890 Bastrop Co. TX
                     + +Junius Fletcher "Punch" Nash, b. Feb 22, 1855  Lexington, Burleson Co TX, d. Sept 15, 1931,  Corpus Christi, Nueces Co. TX,   s/o  Prof. John M. Nash, b. Dec 4, 1826 SC, d. Dec 10, 1904  & Sarah "Sallie"  D. Smith, b. ? d. Jan 21, 1900.  [
Punch was City Marshall of Bastrop for 21 yrs, moved to Kleberg Co. in 1916 where he was Deputy Sheriff in Kingsville. ]
                           1  Claudia Marietta Nash b. Jan 18,  1891 Bastrop TX ; d. Jan 14, 1985 Corpus Christi, Nueces Co, TX; m. Jun 29, 1911, Bastrop, TX
                               + John Oliver Turner, b.  Jan 13, 1882, Ripley, Lauderdale Co., TN; d.  Mar 13,  1932 Corpus Christi, Nueces Co, TX  (s/o  Rev. Vines Turner & Martha Ann Thompson, his image below). Occupation: Tinsmith
                                (?1.  Johnnie Oliver Turner, b. Aug 25, 1913, Houston, Harris Co, TX; )
                                    1.  John Junius Turner, b. Aug 25, 1913, Houston, Harris Co, TXd. Sept 9, 2000, Fredricksburg, Gillespie Co, TX.; m Dec 22, 1938
                                          + Hazelann Hix, b. March 18, 1917,  Chicago, Cook Co., Ill; d, Jan 1, 2003, Baytown, Harris Co., TX
                                                 1.  Donna Louise Turner, b. Jun 20, 1943, Washington, DC
                                                 2.  June Tuner, May 18, 1946, Patuxent River, Maryland
                                    2. William "Billy" Robert Turner, b. Nov 25, 1916, Memphis, TN; d. Sept 24, 1933, Elgin, Bastrop Co.,TX, died in a hunting accident.
                                    3. Myrtle Emma Turner, b. March 13, 1918, Kingsville, Kleberg, TX; d. Feb 15, 1999, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co TX
                                    4. Hendry  Allison Turner, b. March 24, 1921, Kingsville, Kleberg, TX; Oct 14, 1995, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co TX  
                                          +  Mabel Earlene Neal
                                                  Robert Oliver Turner, b. 1945  
                                                  Alyson Ruth Turner, b. Nov 25, 1946, Wheeler, TX;
                                    5. Aurora Pearl Turner, b. Sept 28, 1926, Brazoria Co., TX
                                    6. Eugene "Gene" Horace Turner, b. Feb. 18, 1929 , Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX; d. March 23, 2009, Smithfield, Tarrant Co., TX; Buried in the Seaside Memorial Cem., Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX
                                          + Sue Anne Graham
                                                   Elizabeth Anne Turner, b Jan 23, 1954, Corpus Christi, TX
                                                   Johanna Gene Turner, b. July 9, 1955, Corpus Christi, TX
                                                        +  Burrows
                                                   Matthew Aaron Turner, b Nov 5, 1956, Corpus Christi, TX; d. Mar 2005, Anchorage, AK
                                                   Theresa Eilene Turner, born & died  1957, Corpus Christi, TX.  lived 1 day.
                                                   Leslie Lynne Turner, d. Mar 15, 1961 Corpus Christi, TX;
                                                   Mark Graham Turner, b. March 5, 1960, Corpus Christi, TX
                                         +  Judy Caroline Muckelroy, m. Ardmore OK, Jun 29, 1979
                           2  Myrtle Ethel Nash,  b. Mar 9, 1899 (++in living qrts of the Bastrop Jail), Bastrop, Bastrop Co TX; d. Sept 13, 1971, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX  
                             + Alvin Cothern, b. Feb 15, 1906, Chickasha, Grady Co., OK; d. Apr 22, 1991 , buried in the Seaside Memorial Cemetery, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX 
                                     1. Gloria Jane Elizabeth Cothern b. Jan 4, 1930, 
                           3  Horace Luckett Nash, b. Dec 24, 1904; d. Nov 17, 1982, Dallas Co., TX; m. Oct 4, 1925
                               + Johnnie Lucille Burdette
                                      1.  Rose Yvonne Nash b. Jun 14, 1927,  Kleberg Co TX
                                      2.  Martha Louise Nash b. Oct 7, 1928
                                      3.  Horace Luckett Nash Jr. b. Sept 5, 1930
                               +  Francis Sullivan
                                      1. Robert Eugene "Bobby" Nash, b. May 6, 1938
        10.  ****Everett Saxon b. 1872  d. 1873

Emma Jane Saxon, lived with the Bastian Family
Emma Jane Saxon
d/o Rev. S.S. Saxon and Maranza Anna Adams

Emma Jane Saxon and Junius F. Nash on Wedding Day
submitted by Gloria Cothern

Punch Nash, ca. 1930

Punch Nash, John, Claudia and Billy with Emma Jane
Bastrop Co., Jailhouse steps, abt. 1918

"The photo of "Punch" Nash, Emma Jane Saxon-Bastian Nash, Claudia Nash Turner, John Turner and little brother Billy was taken on the steps of the jail over which they lived, in Bastrop in about 1918.  Note the demeanor of Emma Jane, about whom you and my Uncle Gene Turner have told stories about her gentility." - Donna Turner Schulze

Newspaper clipping of the Stage Coach - Punch Nash

Punch's Notebook

Claudia's five surviving children,
John, Myrtle, Hendery, Aurora Pearl, and Eugene

"This photo is of Claudia's five surviving children, my father John Turner, Myrtle, Hendery, Aurora Pearl, and Eugene. Maybe 1948?" -- Donna Turner Schulze

Emma J. Saxon Nash, Claudia M. Nash Turner,
Hendery Allison Turner and wife, Earlene

"This photo of Emma Jane, Claudia [Marietta] Nash Turner Tannihill, my Uncle Hendery [Allison] Turner and his wife, Earlene, was taken on the sofa of my Grandmother Claudia's house on Dinn St. in Corpus Christi, Texas." -- Donna Turner Schulze

Submitted by Donna Turner Schulze

Hendery Allison Turner,
Claudia Marietta Nash Turner,
Robert Oliver "Bob" Turner,
Emma Jane Saxon Nash.
Taken about 1943
Front lawn of Claudia's home
Corpus Christi, Texas

Samuel Lewis Sexton and Family ca 1907

Lou Allie Kilgore Sexton

R-L, Alvin, Myrtle Gloria Cothern & 2 unkn ladies
submitted by Donna Turner Schulze

Wedding Photo Wm Henry Duty and Marietta Saxon
d/o Rev S.S. Saxon and Maranza Anna Adams

Wedding Photo ,John O.Turner and Claudia M. Nash
d/o Emma Jane Saxon and J.F. "Punch" Nash

Wm Henry Duty and Family, 1910,Bell Co., TX

l-r Henry Grady, Hildred Milton, Jesse Milam, Wm Henry Duty, Marietta Saxon Duty, Beulah Ellen, Annie Louisa, Bonniebel

Marietta Saxon Duty, wife of Wm Henry Duty

Bonnie Bell Jane Duty Madden











Abstracts published online at

09 October 1875
DIED - - - Edward D. SAXON on the 11th inst. He became entangled in the shaft at Mr. BARBEE's Steam Mill. Relatives unknown. SAXON has been living with W. H. COULSON, Sr. at Mcdade. SAXON said his parents settled in Fayette County [TX] 2 or 3 years ago, both dying in the same year they came to Texas. Said his father was a Baptist minister. There were many children, all scattered about after the parents' deaths. One is a sister of SAXON living with Mr. BASTIAN of Bastrop.

30 October 1875
N. THOMAS of Winchester, Fayette County, reports on the family of Edward D. SAXON who died recently. The Rev. Sanford SAXON, Baptist minister, came to this vicinity three years ago and settled on Maj. J. C. STRIBLING's farm in CUNNINGHAM's Prairie in Fayette County [TX]. This man and wife died the same year, leaving 8 children. The oldest, a girl of 17 or 18, married Sam SMITH who keeps "Jonis' Ferry" three miles from here. Robert, the eldest boy, is at the ferry. Paratina is with Major STRIBLING. Samuel is with Mr. Wesley HUNT in Williamson County. Margetta is with Mrs. COOK at Rutersville in this county. The little girl Emer is in your place [i.e., with Mr. BASTIAN of Bastrop]. The youngest is deceased. This family came from Florence, a small place in Alabama.

% CSA Pension App # 46961:
Adams, Laura Mansfield,  Hardin Co. TX for Adams, Lewis Gratis
(Maranza Adams Saxon's brother.)

Gertrude Adams McNeil,Texas Deaths 1890-1976
Click to view larger file

Lewis Gratis Adams, & Laura Mansfield Anthony had a mercantile in Kountze.  Their daughter, Gertrude (b. Dec 15, 1882 Hardin Co., TX; d. Nov 12, 1976, Kountze, Hardin Co., TX)  married a McNeil. Their daughter, Louise McNeil married a Peoples. Lewis, Laura & Gertrude are buried in the Old Hardin Cemetery, Kountze, Hardin Co., TX

Enter content here

*Samuel Lewis was the only offspring to spell his surname "Sexton" instead of "Saxon".

**Louisa Turner was born Feb 8, 1812, Upper Cuivre, St. Charles District, Missouri Territory, and died May 31, 1896 in Homested near Webberville, TX and is buried in the J.J. Manor Hil Cemetery.  She married Joseph Duty Jan 16, 1829, s/o  Solomon Duty and Susannah Thirsta Witmore (d/o Joseph Whitmire, b. 1720 &  Margaret Jones. ) Joseph was born 6 Mar 1801 in Sumner Co., Tennessee, and died 11 Sep 1855 in Texas.
Please see this post by Sheryl Williams on the TURNER message board on GenForums. She has researched the Turners extensively!
More on the Duty family:

"In the year of 1814, Solomon left  Tennessee and went to Indiana where new land was available.  Solomon Duty left Indiana and must have moved through the states of Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas and on to Texas, because he left daughters in each state.  Martha Duty remained in Indiana,  Sarah Duty lived in Illinois,  Ann Duty lived in Missouri, and  Mary Duty and Mildred Duty remained in Arkansas.

In 1821 Stephen F. Austin chose Solomon Duty as one of the three hundred colonists to immigrate to Texas.  Solomon Duty went to Texas with his children Joseph Duty, William Duty, Richard Duty and Elizabeth Duty.  It is believed that he came to Texas in 1822.  Along with Solomon Duty, two of his sons, George and Joseph Duty, were each granted one league (4,428 acres) of land on July 19, 1824, as one of Stephen F. Austin's "Old Three Hundred" original Texas settlers.

On October 30, 1832, Solomon Duty's minor children William Duty, Richard Duty and Elizabeth Duty as heirs of Solomon, were granted one-half league of land located in present-day Bastrop County (East side of Colorado River, near the town of Bastrop).

It is believed that Marthy Duty left Indiana after her husband's death and joined her brothers in Weber Falls, Texas." -- Phyllis Malinak

DUTY, GEORGE (?-1837)
Early Texas settler, was born in 1797 or 1799 to Solomon Duty. He was living with William Stephenson in Hampstead, Arkansas Territory, in October 1823, when he took a letter from Stephenson to Stephen F. Austin in Texas. Evidently Duty remained in Texas. As one of the Old Three Hundred Settlers, he was granted title to a league of land now in Fayette County on July 19, 1824; Duty's Creek, a tributary to the Colorado River, is named in his honor. He participated in the accolade election in 1825, and the census of that year listed him as a tanner. According to the census of March 1826 he was a partner of his brother, Joseph Duty, and was a single man, a farmer and stock raiser aged between twenty-five and forty. He was probably also a freighter, for in November 1831 he hauled brick to build a house for Anthony Butler. Duty moved to the Mina or Bastrop district before May 30, 1837, when he was appointed administrator of the estate of Matthew Duty. George Duty himself died later in 1837, and on January 22, 1838, William Duty was appointed administrator of George's estate.

From Hornsby Family Records (McLaurin GEDCOM: pg 00057)
"The excitement at length became so intense, and the Indians so bold in their outrages, that all the families again left their homes and got together in Bastrop. Men went out from town in armed squads, and worked their farms together, still tugging way at their late crops. Even this did not afford security from the savages; however, who seemed constantly on the alrt. Mathew Duty and Mike Hornsby were driving cattle into Bastrop. Noticing the cows in front raise their head and give sign of seeing something unusual, they suspected that Indians were coming, and just did get home in time to escape a band of Indians, who were pursing hard to a squad working the Duty Neighborhood, rode out one evening to look over the crop. He  [Mathew Duty] was just out of sight when guns were heard and in a minute his horse was seen coming back at full speed, without his rider. Blood upon the saddle but corroborated the dark truth suggested by the shots, and runners springing upon their horses broke for Bastrop. A squad of men went out and found him killed and scalped."  (1837) -- submitted by
Phyllis Malinak

***Emma Saxon had taken a stagecoach to a town, more than likely it was in Bastrop County. As she was getting off the stagecoach, a gust of wind raised the hem of her dress enough to show her ankle. She was so embarrassed that she promptly fainted.  Junius Fletcher "Punch" Nash was the stagecoach driver, probably sitting "shotgun".  ( See Business Directory Compiled  from the Bastrop Advertiser  1854 - 1879   "NASH, J. F. ("Punch") -- stage coach driver, Bastrop to McDade  [12 Apr]" )  He later became a Deputy Sheriff  (see 1910 Census Bastrop Co. TX) and by the 1930 Census, was listed as "Warden" in the Kleberg County Jail.

****An interesting story surrounds the death of baby Everett.  It was one evening, just before dark, and shortly after the death of their parents that Paratine saw her mother walking down the path towards the place where they were staying. I don't think the children had been parcelled out yet because Paratine was holding little Everett. She saw that her mother's hands were out-stretched and Paratine understood that Maranza wanted the baby. Paratine shouted, "No! No! You can't have the baby!" and her mother vanished.  Later that night little Everett passed away in his sleep.

+Junius "Punch" Nash: Listed as a member of the Star Band on April 5, 1879, along with N. S. HAND, and the two KERR brothers;  had the measles,  April 12, 1879  (see:  Abstracts from Bastrop Advertiser - Bastrop County TX )

Reported by Gloria Cothern, grand-daughter of Emma Jane Saxon-Bastian & Marshall Punch Nash. See comment dated "8/19/2006"

Named for Dr.  H. P. Luckett
 Doctor Luckett was also a director of the bank:
The Bastrop Advertiser
Office-Bauhof Building, Main Street
Thos. C. Cain, Editor and Proprietor
Entered at the Bastrop, Texas, Post office as Second Class Matter.
Established March 1st, 1853. Vol. 52
Bastrop, TX, Aug. 11, 1906.
Drafts drawn on the Principal Banks in the United States in amounts of Five Dollars and upward. money received on deposit in large or small amounts subject to check. This Bank is fully equipped and prepared and will faithful correspondent if you intrust any part of your business with it.
FREE USE OF OUR FIRE-PROOF VAULT TO CUSTOMERS TO STORE THEIR VALUABLE PAPERS. DIRECTORS: H. P Luckett, B. D. Orgain, T. A. Hasler, W. A. McCord, W. B. Ransone, Chester Erhard, A. C. Erhard.

Father of John Oliver Turner
Submitted by Gene Turner

Census Records, Marriage Records, SSDI, Texas Death Records, Bible Records, Family History.
Ancestry.com. Texas Marriage Collection, 1814-1909 and 1966-2002 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2005.

S. L. Sexton:  1910; Census Place: Justice Precinct 1, Bell, Texas; Roll: T624_1530; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 1; Image: 9

Louis R. Smythe: 1910 Census Travis County TX 7 J-PCT Series: T624  Roll: 1594  Page: 281

Jesse Sexton: Year: 1930; Census Place: Precinct 1, Bell, Texas; Roll: 2290; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 5; Image: 705.0.

Texas Death Records, Rootsweb.com

Texas History Hunter Blog

Cemetery and Funeral Home Reviews

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