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Most of these early graves are unmarked. Riley & Sarah Peebles' home was a little ways behind where the cemetery is today.

"There are six husbands & wives in this group. They and their family members account for twenty-five of the thirty graves.

Mary McLaughlin
Elizabeth Dagle
Simeon Turner

Elizabeth Nichols & James Matheson Parents of Christian Jane Coker. Great aunt of Kate Gaylord Galloway, whose husband was the grandson of Riley & Sarah Peebles and James J. Galloway.

Sarah Runnels & Riley Peebles
Parents of Sarah Frances Young, Susana McCaghren and Mahala Lowe

Eliza Ward & Wiley Peebles   Riley & Wiley were twins

Mahala Peebles & Alaxander Lowe    Parents of Alex Lowe and mother & father-in-law of James Parker Grandparents of Edna Young, Gertie Turner, Birdie & Earith Purvis.

Sarah Williams & Elcanah Capps.  Sarah was Jack Williams' sister.

Mary E. Turner                      1825-1861              First wife of Simeon Turner 
Riley Peebles                       1806-1867              Husband of Sarah Peebles, father of Sarah Francis Young 
Emmaline Turner                   1834-1867              Second wife of Simeon Turner 
Elizabeth Nichols Matheson   1815-1868              b/GA, W/o James Matheson, m/o Christian Jane Coker.
James Matheson                   1810-1870              Husband of Elizabeth Nichols, father of Christian Jane Coker.
                                                                         He was born in Scotland. 
Wiley Peebles                       1806-1870              Husband of Eliza Ward Peebles 
Jack F. Williams                    1821-1879              Brother of Sarah Williams Capps 
Sarah Peebles                       1816-1880              Wife of Riley Peebles, mother of Sarah Francis Young 
James J. Galloway                 1813-1880  
Alexander Lowe                     1829-1883   
Eliza Ward Peebles               1807-1883              Wife of Wiley Peebles 
Edna Young                          1883-1886   
Gertie Turner                         1885-1887              Parents: Thomas & Ella Lowe Turner. She died in her mother's arms
                                                                         while her father had gone for the doctor. 
Christian Jane Coker              1842-1890              Parents: James & Elizabeth Nichols Matheson 
Simeon Turner                       1821-1890              His 3rd wife was Mary Ann Brock 
James Parker                        1860-1890   
Alex Lowe                             1862-1890
Sarah Francis Young             1851-1893               Parents: Riley & Sarah Peebles 
Samuel Kent Crum                1881-1895               s/o Issac & Mary (Sibley) Crum 
Issac Floyd Crum                  1893-1896               s/o Issac & Mary (Sibley) Crum 
Earith Purvis                         1896-1896
Kate Gaylord Galloway          1869-1896
Susana McCaghren               1836-1896
J. W. Matthews                     1865-1896               Husband of Martha Matthews
Sarah Williams Capps           1826-1896
Grover James                       1885-1897                s/o J.R. & M.A. James
Mahala Lowe                        1838-1898                "Died the 60th year of her age"
Elcanah Capps                     1825-1898
Lillian Roberta Acuff              1867-1899

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