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Langston, Langstone, Lankson DNA

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The Langstons of Hardin County Texas

The Langston Family,
Village Mills, Hardin Co., Tex.
Nov 10, 1936
l-r: Nettie Rosetta (Wilkinson), William Arthur "Pat", & sons William Arthur Jr. and in front is David Max

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The bulk of this lineage information on the Langston & Lyons families came from my cousin's wife, Vickie Cross who received it from Max & Juanell Langston's  daughter, LaVerne, and from Jack Langston, grandson of Wm A "Pat" Langston and Nettie Wilkinson .  Jack has been the contributor of the Kirby train and saw mill information and photos. 

I have seen references to Mr. Langston as "Jefferson Marion Langston". I am not convinced this is correct. On several documents, he is listed as "James" and these are noted below. It is possible and actually probable that his middle name was "Marion" as I have seen a reference to his mother being a Marion.  The first born son of James Langston and Lillian Nancy Lyons (most often referred to as either Lillie or Nancy) was named James J. Langston and called Jim. It is possible the "Jefferson" is HIS middle name and over the years has become mixed up with his father.
James M. Langston died prior to the census of 1900 as Nancy is listed as a widow on that census record. The family tale is that he died in some sort of accident involving a wagon, either changing the wheel or the wagon flipping over. The story is not exactly straight but the wagon is a consistant part. He is buried in the Rockland Cem in a grave with only a rock to mark the spot. Many years ago, his great-granddaughter, Lynda, while visiting the cemetery and looking for his grave, talked with an elderly lady whose father was the cemetery care taker when she was a very little girl. Every time she would go with him to the cemetery, he always told her who were in the 3 unmarked graves, James Langston being one of them. She recalled the spot and now we know which "rock" is James.

1.  James M.  Langston, b: abt 1871, TX; d: bef June 1900 TX; m. June 8, 1891, Kountze, Hardin Co., TX  (License shows his name as "J.M. Lankston")
        + Lillian Nancy **Lyons b: Dec. 3, 1872 Hardin Co, TX; d. Jan 7, 1917 Village Mills (d/o James W. Lyon/s & Hannah Parker.  Married 2nd Mitchell Elias Cross)
              2.  James J. "Jim"Langston,  b:  June 20, 1892, Rockland, Tyler Co., TX; d: Nov 30, 1932, Ft. Bragg, Cleveland Co., NC; buried in the Village Mills Cemetery; m. Dec 27, 1911, Kountze, Hardin Co., TX (according to his WW1 Draft card below, he was born in Lufkin, Angelina Co., TX) 

                      +  Thelma Raye Bullock, b: Mar 1, 1898; d: Sept 5, 1977;  d/o James Lemuel Bullock & Veranus Alcie Donie Anderson  (m. 2nd John Phillip Tolar, b:  Dec 14, 1887, Hillister, Tyler Co., TX; d: June 12, 1967 Newton, Newton Co., TX; s/o Robert Jackson Tolar & Mary Versailes "Versie" Durham and had daughter Rosemary Tolar who married James Edward Jewell). Buried in the Hart-Mill Cemetery, Woodville, Tyler Co., TX
                               3.  Bertha Raye Langston, b: Jan 4, 1913, TX  ; d: Dec 17, 2000 ; m: Apr 21, 1941, Hardin Co., TX (Vol. 9, pg. 615A), she and husband are buried in the Hart-Mill Cemetery on private land, Woodville, Tyler Co., TX
                                       + Benjamin Harvey Liddon (Colonel in the US Air Force), b: Sept 25, 1903; d: Feb 20, 1984
                                             4. Sallie Marie Liddon, b. July 30, 1939
                               3.  Evelyn Marie Langston, b. Sept 15, 1915; d? ; m: Jan 14, 1934, Hardin Co., TX Vol. 7, pg 136
                                     +  Chesley E. Moss
                                     +   Howard Elijah Carter
Olive Mae Langston, b:  July 29, 1894, Olive, Hardin Co., TX; d. Dec 27, 1956, Liberty, Liberty Co., TX
                      + Joe Hillery Hale, b: Aug 14, 1887, Willis, Montgomery Co., TX; d: bef 1930
                           3. Clifton Jerrell Hales, b. July 16, 1909, Milvid, Liberty Co., TX; d: Dec 11, 1935, Liberty, Liberty Co., TX, buried in Village Mills Cem. Hardin Co., TX, Death Certificate. Lived in Hull, was a pipe liner for the Magnolia Pipe Line Co. Cause of death was a cerebral hemorrhage while having pneumonia.
                                  + Mary Christine Frederick, b Mar 12, 1912; d Mar 26, 1974
                                        Clifton Jerrel Hales, Jr., b. Jan 13, 1933 Bridgeport, Wise Co, TX; d.  Oct 26, 2012, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co, TX
                                        Betty Jo Hales                                       
                           3.  Gladys Eva Hale, b. Mar 5, 1911; d. May 21, 1912, Polk Co, TX
                           3.  Johnnie Valline Hale, b. Oct 25, 1913, TX;  d. Nov 11, 1964
                                  + Phillip Mortimer,  b. Feb 4, 1907, LA ; d. Nov 11, 1964, New Orleans, LA
                           3.  Hazel Haline Hale, b. Mar 28,1916, TX; May 11, 2000, Dover Morris Co, NJ  (see notes at bottom of the page)
                                   + William Harold Cook
                           3.  James Claudine Hale, b. Oct 9, 1918, TX; d. May 14, 2002, Liberty, Liberty Co., TX.
                                  + Hosea Leon Acker, b. Sept 15, 1907 TX, ; d.  Nov 5, 1987, Liberty, Liberty Co., TX (s/o Hosea Columbus Acker & Annie Velma Smith, both buried in the Rocky Springs Cem, Dialville, Cherokee Co., TX)
                                        Clifford Leon Acker, b. Dec 4, 1940; d. Dec 12, 2001.  (headstone photo below)
                                             + Elma
                                                      Regan Acker
                                                          +___ Centeno
                             3. Joseph Herman Hales, b. Aug. 14, 1920, Liberty Co., TX;  Dec 2, 1995, New Braunfels, Comal Co., TX;  Enlisted Jul 14, 1941, Liberty, TX - WW II Air Corps. ; Buried Ft.  Sam Houston Nat'l Cem.
                                     + Betty Jean Revelle, b. Apr 8, 1923, Haynesvelle, Claiborne Parish, LA; d.  Jul 11,2011, New Braunfels, Comal Co., TX (d/o David Roscoe Revelle & Eunice May___)
                                           Michael Leonard Hales, b.  Aug 11, 1944, AZ; d.  March 15, 2000, McAllen, Hildago Co. TX
                                           Shelia Hales, b. Apr 9, 1947, Denver, CO; d. Nov 30, 2007, San Antonia, Bexar Co, TX
                                               + __ Johnson
                                           Jean Susan Hales
                                               + ___ Fell
                                           Casey Hales
The 3 Hale/s girls can be found in the 1930 Census living at the Masonic Home of Texas, Ft. Worth, Tarrant County.  See pages 3 and 4. 
                      + Leonard Lacy "Pete" Mitchell, b: Sept 25, 1892, Lake Charles, LA; d: July 25, 1959, Houston, Harris Co., TX, (s/o Henry Bingham Mitchell & Margaret Flurry), buried in the Village Mills Cem with Olive.
                                  3.  Bettye Jo Mitchell, b. Dec 20, 1934 TX; d. Dec 25, 2008, TX; m. Jun 9, 1978, Parker Co TX
                                          + Leonard Worthy Ferguson
               2.   William Arthur "Pat" Langston, b:  Jan 3, 1897, Rockland, Tyler Co., TX; d. June 16, 1968, Village Mills, Hardin Co. TX; m. Mar 9, 1918, Hardin Co., TX
                       + Nettie Rosetta Wilkinson, b: May 21, 1895 Village Mills, Hardin Co., TX;  d: March 30, 1992 Kountze, Hardin Co., TX
                               3.  William Arthur "Bill" Langston,b: Jun 10, 1920, Village Mills, Hardin Co., TX;
 d. Feb 14, 2010, Village Mills, HArdin Co TX; buried in Holland Cemetery. (Obit & Funeral photos) 
                                        + Doris Mae Deason  b. Jul 17, 1924; d. Apr 23, 1972 (see Obits)  Buried in Holland Cemetery, Hardin Co., TX (d/o George Wesley Deason & Bertie Bratton)
                                              4  William Michael "Mike" Langston, b: Jun 27, 1942 Harris Co., TX; d: May 29, 1992 , Hardin Co., TX
                                                     + Dorothy Ghent
                                                             Lori Michelle
                                                             Gregg Alwyn
                                                     + Nora Richard
                                              4  Jackie Paul Langston, Dec 30, 1943
                                                    + Harriet Lane
                                              4  Gerald David Langston, b. May 31, 1949; d. June 1, 1949; Beaumont, Jefferson Co, TX, buried Holland Cem, Kountze, Hardin Co., TX
                                              4   Infant Daughter Langston, b. & d. April 21, 1953. Buried in Holland Cemetery.
                                3.  David Max Langston b: Mar 25, 1929 in Village Mills, Hardin Co., TX, d: Mar 27, 2005, both buried Village Mills Cemetery, Hardin Co TX m: Mar 6, 1948  Hardin Co., TX
                                         + Juanell LaVerne Jones b: Jun 20, 1929 Warren, Tyler Co.  TX; d. Sept 16, 2010, Wildwood, Hardin Co., TX , (d/o Gilbert Allen "Slick" Jones and Nathalee "Natt" Barclay.)
                                                (2 living daughters)

               2. Claud Lee Langston,  b: Dec 22, 1898, TX;  d: Feb 16, 1979, Cherokee Co., TX
                       + 1  Avie Smart Rainer
                                  Jeppie Daniel "J.D." Langston, b: Sept 8, 1923, Village Mills, Hardin Co., TX; d:  July 25, 2005, Port Neches, Jefferson Co., TX; Buried in Oak Bluff Cem, Pt. Neches, Jefferson Co. TX (Tranquility Mausoleum Interior)
                                       +Frances  Margaret Bevil, b:
                       + 2 Thelma Loreine Hutsell (1911-1997)
                                Claud Lee Langston, Jr. 
                                Anne L. Langston
                                  + E.H. "Chet" Lind
                                James Howard "Jim" Langston, b. Nov 26, 1944 Ala; d. Nov 26, 2005, Tenn
                                   + Patricia
                                Robert "Bob" Langston
               2. Clyde Lewis Langston, Sr,  b: Dec 22, 1898, Rockland, Tyler Co.,  TX; Apr 20, 1980, Anaheim,Orange Co, CA; married
Aug 12, 1922, Jefferson Co TX.
                        + Helen May Johnson, b. abt 1908 Carson, Beauregard Parish, Louisiana; d.
                               Clyde Langston, Jr., b. June 20, 1923, Newton Co. TX; d. March 5, 2005, Orange, Orange Co TX
                                  + Mary DeLane Matthews, b. March 5, 1923, Castor, Bienville Parish, LA ; d. Oct 24, 1997, Pt Arthur, Jefferson Co., TX (home was Orange, Orange, TX); Buried Forest Lawn Memorial Park, West Orange, TX (d/o Burrell Horace Matthews and Cappie Carol Wardlaw)
                                       Burl Cyde Langston
                                       Brian Gregory Langston
                                       Carolyn Helen Langston
                                       Marilyn Ellen Langston
                               Marion Edgar "Buddy" Langston, b. Feb 5, 1926, Deweyville, Newton Co, TX; d.  Jan 3, 2002,  Gilbert, Maricopa Co, AZ;  (WWII US Navy Vet, U.S.S. Oakland); married Oct 20, 1945, King Co. WA
                           + Alice Violet Osen, b.  Jun 4, 1926, Washington; d. March 28, 2012, Enumclaw, King Co, WA
                                        Kenneth Allen Langston,  b. Aug 3, 1946, Liberty Co, TX; d. Jun 15, 2011, Amarillo, Randall Co., TX
                                  + Mary C Mikulecky
                               Delores Langston, b. 1930
                               Robert Kenneth Langston, b. Nov 19, 1931, Bessmay, Jasper Co., TX; d. May 24, 1998, Upshur Co., TX
                                  +  Melba Jean Durham, b. Feb. 24 1935, Angelina Co., TX

Cappie Carol Wardlaw, who married Horace Burrell or Burrell Horace Matthews, was the daughter of Richard Lewis Wardlaw (1849 MS to 1934 LA) and Hattie Edgerton, supposedly. I have found the following Louisana Death Records:

Name: Hattie Mathews Thompson Wardlaw
Death Date: 18 Feb 1923
Death Place: Coushatta, , Red River, Louisiana
Gender: Female
Race (original): White
Race (standardized): White
Age: 60
Estimated Birth Year: 1863
Birth Place: Louisiana
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: R L Wardlaw
Father's Name: B H Mathews
Mother's Name: Mathews
Film number: 2367143
Image Number: 01810
Certificate Number: 3203
Digital Folder Number: 4219339
Collection: Louisiana Deaths, 1850-1875; 1894-1954


Name: Richard Lewis Wardlaw
Death Date: 02 May 1934
Death Place: Coushatta, , Red River, Louisiana
Gender: Male
Race (original): White
Race (standardized): White
Age: 74
Estimated Birth Year: 1860
Birth Place: Mississippi
Marital Status: Widowed
Spouse's Name: Hattie Edgerton
Father's Name: Walt Wardlaw
Mother's Name: Lizzie Stewart
Film number: 2113573
Image Number: 01483
Certificate Number: 5758
Digital Folder Number: 4215945
Collection: Louisiana Deaths, 1850-1875; 1894-1954


Obit, Delane Matthews Langston

published in Beaumont Enterprise, Oct 26, 1997


In Memory of
Betty Jean Hales
April 8, 1923 - July 11, 2011

Betty Jean Hales passed away Monday, July 11, at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in New Braunfels, Texas at the age of 88.

Born in Haynesville, Louisiana, Betty's was a life in motion from the very beginning: from her days on her father's Arkansas farm before the depression and her girlhood in Liberty, Texas during the oil boom, to her experience planting rubber trees in California during World War II, to her travels to Panama, Puerto Rico, Germany, Newfoundland, France, and the Azores (just to name a few) as the wife of an air force officer.

While she never lost her love of travel and adventure, she was always able to find joy in the smallest things- the cardinals feeding outside her kitchen window, working the daily crossword puzzle, coloring Easter eggs with her grand-daughter Katy, decorating her Christmas tree (to full capacity) every year, good food and a well-told story, and spending time with her beloved family.

She was intelligent, quick-witted, compassionate, tough, and most of all- loving. She welcomed sons-and daughters- in-law, significant others, and passing friends with open arms, treating them as treasured family members. To her children, grandchildren, and all who knew her, she leaves a legacy of love, gratitude, strength, and genuine love of life.

She is survived by her daughter, Susan Fell, son, Casey Hales and his wife, Angie Hales, daughter-in-law, Erin Hales, grandchildren, Joseph, David, and James Hales, Kelli and Casey Johnson, Brooke and Erin Fell, Katy and Kelsey Hales, and Summer and Sierra Wakefield, great grandchildren, Kristen, Amber, Anna, and Miranda Hales.

She is preceded in death by her loving husband, Joseph Hales, son, Michael Hales, daughter, Sheila Johnson, daughter-in-law, Anna Hales, grandson, Zach Fell, and great-grandson Joseph Michael Hales.

A private family memorial will take place at a later date. Those wishing to make a memorial contribution are asked to contribute to the Joe Hales Scholarship Fund, New Braunfels, ISD, Attention: Roseanne Keeton, 430 W. Mill St. New Braunfels, Tx. 78130.

Zoeller Funeral Home
615 Landa, New Braunfels, TX 78130


Jeppie Daniel Langston OBIT 

Deaths - July 28, 2005  ~ The Beaumont Enterprise 07/28/2005

J. D. Langston, 81, of Port Neches, died on July 25, 2005, at Lumberton Rehabilitation Center, Lumberton, Texas. Services will be held at 10:30 AM, Friday, July 29, 2005, at Wesley United Methodist Church in Nederland, Texas, with Rev. Earl Cantrelle and Reverend Kevin Otto officiating. Burial will be at sunrise, 6:34 AM, on Saturday, July 30, 2005, at Oak Bluff Cemetery in Port Neches, Texas, with Rev. Eldon Reed and Rev. Kevin Otto officiating. Visitation will be held between 5:00 and 8:00 PM on Thursday, July 28, 2005 at Broussard's Nederland. J. D. was a native of Village Mills, Texas. He was raised in Port Neches, graduating from Port Neches High School in 1941. After living in Beaumont and Nederland, he returned to Port Neches where he lived for the past 35 years. He was a retired Maintenance Analyst from Gulf Oil Corporation in Port Arthur, where he worked for almost 30 years. While there, he was responsible for the budget of the Chemicals and Refining Divisions. Prior to working for Gulf Oil, he was the chief clerk for William Cameron and Company, Wholesale Building Materials, where he managed the office and staff. J. D. enjoyed helping people. After retirement, he worked for 15 years as a volunteer for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, which provides free assistance to taxpayers who cannot afford professional help. He loved spending time with his wife at their home in Wildwood, that they nicknamed, "Hope Cottage." He served for 17 years as Secretary on the Board of Directors at Wildwood. After retirement, he also served as President on the Board of Chevron Gulf Retirees Association, where he enjoyed planning gumbo dinners and traveling to annual meetings across the United States. J. D. had a love for God and his church. He was a member of Wesley United Methodist Church for over 40 years. As a member, he served as Chairman of the Board, Lay Leader, Chairman of the Finance Committee, various other offices and worked with the youth. J. D. had a great love of youth and baseball. He was one of the planners and builders of the Nederland Babe Ruth League and ballpark. He helped make a great ballpark out of a weed grown lot. He served as team manager, teaching many youth to play baseball and held several officer positions, later becoming the State Director of the Babe Ruth League Eastern Division. J. D. served in World War II, as a Radio Operator in the Merchant Marines. His ship took him around the world, generating interesting stories he loved to share about Japan, India, New Guinea, and the Philippines. J. D. dearly loved his wife, Frances, an RN and school nurse, whom he met on a blind date and later married June 7th of 1953. He was very proud of his daughter, Nancy, and his beautiful granddaughters, Amanda and Alyssa. He also loved his son-in-law, Gregg Conway, whom he loved like the son he never had. He was preceded in death by a great granddaughter, Hannah Nicole Miller, and his father, Claud Langston of Alabama, stepmother, Thelma Langston, and mother, Avie Rainer of Beaumont. He will be missed by his faithful dog, Katy. He is also survived by one sister, Anne Lind of Irving, Texas; brother Claud Langston, Jr. of Fort Walton Beach, Florida; brother Jim Langston of Nashville, Tennessee; brother Dr. Robert Langston of San Francisco, California and many other friends and relatives.

Approximately 5 years after Nancy became a widow, she married Mitchel Elias Cross.

James M. Langston, b: 1871, TX d: 1899-1900, TX
Rockland Cem, Rockland, Tyler Co, TX


Lillian Nancy Lyons Langston Cross

James Langston

Olive Mae Langston Hale Mitchell headstone
with Leonard Lacy Mitchell.

Clifton J. Hale

Clifford Leon Acker

S/o Mitchel Elias Cross & L. Nancy Lyons Langston


The first 2 headstone photos above were sent by Jack Langston of Village Mills TX, a great-grandson of Nancy Lyons & James M Langston. These headstones are in the Village Mills Cemetery, Hardin Co TX

My grandfather, Wilburn Joseph Wilkinson's only sister, Nettie Rosetta married William Arthur "Pat" Langston March 9, 1918 in Hardin County TX.

Marriage Record James M Langston and Nancy Lyon/s
June 8, 1891 Kountze, Hardin Co TX, / Vol 1, Pg 258A

MarriageRec. James "Jim" Langston -Thelma Bullock
Dec 27, 1911, Kountze, Hardin Co, TX / Vol. 3, Pg. 409

Marriage Record Arthur Langston & Nettie Wilkinson

Death Cert of W.A. Langston. Note father's name

Death Cert. Olive Mae Langston Hale Mitchell

Death Cert. Henry B. Mitchell, Note Informant

Wm A. "Pat" Langston Obit, 1968

Wm A Langston Sr & Nettie R Wilkinson, Orig Lic

Delayed Birth Cert. of Wm Arthur Langston, Sr.
Note his father's name

WW1 Darft Card Jim Langston, Jun 1917, pg1

WW1 Draft Card Jim Langston Jun 1917, pg 2

Death Cert, James J. "Jim" Langston, 1932, No. Car

Birth Cert. for Wm Arthur "Bill" Langston

1935 School Census, Village Mills
Contributed by Nancy Conway


Pat and Nettie lived in Village Mills, Hardin Co. TX. I remember going to visit Aunt Nettie as a small child but I do not recall Uncle Arthur "Pat".

On the
Wilkinson page I have a photo of the old homestead for Nettie's parents. The home is long gone and Nettie's descendants are living on the property. It is good that the land has stayed in the family, and I hope it always does, but Nettie sold a great many acres to the developer of what is now Wildwood Resort City, Hardin Co. , Texas

Max Langston & Clarence Wilkinson - 1st Cousins

David Max & Juanell LaVerne (Jones) Langston w/daughters LaVerne & Lynda

1937 Warren HS
William Arthur "Bill" Langston, Jr. (m. Doris Mae Deason)

Langston, Village Mills Texas

Unless otherwise stated, the photos below were submitted by Jack & Harriet Langston of Village Mills.

Pat Langston in his service station
Pat Langston Service Station,VillageMills, ca.1952-53
Village Mills, TX ca. 1952-53


Wm. A. "Pat" Langston w/son Wm A. "Bill" ca 1921

Wm. A "Bill" Langston & Bessie Lee Cross

William "Bill" w/ Bessie Lee Cross and Nettie

Nettie R. Wilkinson Langston, Village Mills, Tex.

Wm A. Bill Langston on bridge over Village Creek
Orig. road crossing Village Creek, prior to Hwy 69

Wm A. "Bill" Langston Aug 1947, Beaumont, TX

Claud Langston

Olive Langston Hales '51 postcard from New Jersey
to her brother Wm A Langston and wife Nettie

3 Hales Children: l-r Valline,Clifton, Hazel
ca 1921

Delores Wilkinson and Max Langston, 1st cousins

Olive Mae Langston Hales and son Clifton Jerrell.
Olive Mae Langston Hales with son Clifton Jerrell
Contributed by Jack Langstoin

Joseph "Joe" Herman Hales
Joseph Herman Hales
Contributed by Jack Langston




Bill Langston Obit & Funeral photos have moved to THIS PAGE


**A brother, Osker  (Oscar) Lyon, b. April 1877 TX as appears in the 1900 Census. Her father James, b. 1846 MS, is there as well.

Hazel Hale:

Texas History Hunter Blog

Cemetery and Funeral Home Reviews

See how Donny Osmond added 38 generations to his family tree using OneGreatFamily!


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