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Keith Lacy Wilkinson page

My dearly missed brother who left us far too soon.

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My brother died in a single car accident. Someone had cut his brake & power steering lines.

He was driving home to Pasadena late one night and when the brakes & steering failed, his  Mustang jumped a curb and wrapped around an oak tree.  His body was discovered in his car early the next morning by two men going to work. This was on the service road near a Dr. Pepper bottling plant. Today, located at 8900 South Loop East, there is a warehouse and other commericial buildings.

Keith's car keys were found in the back seat, which indicates that he turned the car off in what was probably an attempt to slow it down. In this car, the ignition switch was on the dash panel. When the keys were turned to the "On" position, they were locked in the ignition.

The reason I know that the brake-lines were cut on his car is due to the two guys (Keith & Chris of Beaumont) having been overheard discussing the incident in a local disco club, The Lighthouse which was on Twin City Hwy. between Beaumont & Nederland. They were drinking and were probably, by today's standards, drunk. They were discussing the incident and were over heard by the cocktail waitress. Both guys were young men with whom my brother & I had attended high school.

They still live in the Golden Traingle area and appear to have gotten away with it. The waitress, who originally overheard them was too afraid to come forward. "If they find out that I know, they'll kill me just like they killed Keith!

Keith - 5 Days Old

Keith & I in 1957

Keith 1969

Kim, Me and Keith, happier times

Probably his Drivers Lic photo









Written by Keith sometime before his death

We are unfortunate in that we have very few photos of Keith. If you knew Keith and have photos, please consider sharing them here.  Please send jpgs to the following email, subject line: "Photos of Keith".  Please include any information that you give permission to have posted with the photo(s).


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