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As a family genealogist and headstone photographer since 1982, I have visited many cemeteries throughout Texas.  There are times when the cemetery is large, that I have had to go to the office and request a grave location.  Having a review of what to expect from the office staff prior to my visiting with them would have been a big help to me.

Volunteer cemetery photographers are usually local people fulfilling a request from family members or friends who live outside the driving distance. There are many reasons why someone would want a copy of a headstone. Perhaps it is for genealogical purposes, used as documentation of birth & death dates for admission into a society, or maybe just to make sure a headstone was actually set for the deceased.

 The volunteers are providing  a free service, unless they have made other arrangements with the requester. Regardless, the cemetery and funeral home have been paid for their services, which shouldn't stop at the end of the funeral.

This brings up another option for using this site. If you are scouting around for a cemetery and funeral home for a family member or as pre-funeral planning, would you rather go with a company which has a proven record of GOOD customer service, AFTER you are gone? Do you want your family and friends to have to deal with disgruntled staffers?

Before you purchase a funeral plan or visit an office to inquire about a headstone location, check this site. You may be glad to you did.

If you are a genealogist, cemetery photographer or a volunteer, please consider becoming a Reviewer. Having a more complete list of cemeteries benefits all of us.

This site was started for two reasons.

1  To give volunteers, genealogist and families looking for a burial site, some where to read a review of cemeteries and funeral homes
2. To give a pat on the back to the cemetery staff who are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable
We hope we have fulfilled those two points within the site.

The Rating System:


Went above and beyond, like taking you to the grave-site if you couldn't find it.


Very helpful and pleasant


Helpful and sufficient


Helped you


Got the information but you had to wait an unreasonable amount of time. (Would not include times when a funeral is taking place)


Supplied the requested information with an attitude of annoyance


Supplied the requested information in a rude manner


Would supply the information for a fee


Failed to supply the information, failed to return calls or emails or agreed to supply the information but never did.

Sample Reviewer's Card

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If you would like to contribute your experience, please complete the form on the "Submit" page. List only your first name, a valid email and cemetery name, cemetery street or mailing  address, and the county.  If I have questions, I'll contact you by email. Once satisfied, your review with just your first name will be posted.

If you would like to become an official Reviewer, please send an email request and include your complete name, a contact number, mailing address (to send your card) and which county, state(s) you are interested in covering.

Please keep in mind, when submitting a Review, that you are Reviewing the Staff of the Funeral Home or Cemetery Office where others such as yourself must meet with and talk to in order to obtain burial location or other related information. Was the Staff pleasant, did they help you, and did they provide the requested information in a timely manner?

DISCLAIMER:  The Reviews submitted are based on the experiences of actual persons who have physically visited a funeral home and /or cemetery where they interacted with a staff member representing the funeral home and/or cemetery. The Reviews are rated according to the Reviewer's opinions based on their experience. Cemetery and Funeral Home Reviews ("CFHR") is not responsible or liable for the experiences of the Reviewers, their ratings or review comments. If your funeral home and/or cemetery has received a bad review, please discuss it with your staff and we will revisit your business in a timely manner and re-review it. Because this is strictly a volunteer operation, we cannot commit to a time frame for the re-review.

COMMENTS:  CFHR is not responsible for the comments left by those visiting or using this site and CFHR reserves the right to edit or remove comments we feel are inappropriate or offensive.

PRIVACY POLICY:  CFHR does not collect personally identifiable information from visitors or contributors other than that data stated in the Exception. CFHR has never, does not now, nor will it ever, sell your information to any Third Party.

  The only information that is collected is that which is provided by you, the visitor, in the Guestbook section or you, the Reviewer. In each case, the information provided is done on a voluntary basis and will consist ONLY of the information that has been provided.

CFHR reserves the right to change this policy in order to stay in compliance with privacy laws changes.

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